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Chinese Zodiac Ebony Bead Bracelet - Year of the Snake

Chinese Zodiac Ebony Bead Bracelet - Year of the Snake

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Mala Bread Bracelet, crafted with  fine Ebony Wood decorated with Sterling Silver Snake, set with sparkling Diamonds in eyes.

As a personality, Snakes born people are decent, sophisticated, and eloquent. Most of time, Snake personality is nonchalant, but they are enthusiastic. The symbolic cultural meaning of the Snake is longevity and fortune. The Snake is considered to be as longevous as the Turtle in traditional Chinese culture.

Size: Circumference #6.25”
2 Rose-cut White Diamonds: 0.05 ct.
Weight: 21.72 gms.

Notes & Product Care

Mala beads (or prayer beads) are the rosary beads commonly used by Mahayana Buddhists, and Hindus for the spiritual practice known in Sanskrit as japa. It is usually made from 108 beads, though other numbers are also used. These beads are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity. It is known to have a great significance in Buddhist Regions of Asia in the form of good health and spiritual well-being to the owner.

Product Care:
Essential oil & coconut oil can be added when the wooden beads get dry, add a few drops on a Q-tip and apply it on the wood.

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