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Christofle introduces the MOOD Party tray for life's informal sweet and savory moments. The two-handle stainless steel tray consists of a partial, removable walnut board and bowl. The rest of the tray is composed of six porcelain compartments that double as removable serving dishes. Christofle shakes up the art of entertaining with a new concept that reflects the current zeitgeist. MOOD Party by Christofle, with its avant-garde vision of convenience and comfort, invites itself to all tables as a promise of sharing and memories.

Technical Description
Code JDE 05900599
Principle Material
Collection Mood Party
Moment of consumption Cocktail reception

For bi-material wood and silver products, avoid the use of cleaning products on wood. A dry or damp cloth is enough to dust them off. For porcelain we advise that you use a low temperature wash cycle with a powder detergent when washing in dishwasher. We suggest that you place a thin piece of paper between each plate or saucer. If handwash, use a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid formulated without chlorine and citric acid. Do not use anything that can scratch such as bleach or rubber. Wipe clean as quickly as possible.

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