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Petit Matin
Natural spray, 70ml

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Rise at dawn and escape into the delightful freshness of an early morning in Paris to rediscover a taste for beauty. Stroll through the empty streets and archways of a Paris still cast in the first light of day, before taking a rest. Let yourself be carried away by the luminous energy of litsea cubeba from Indonesia, lemon from Calabria, the floral softness of hawthorn and lavandin from Provence. Then, get lost in a labyrinth of musky and ambery notes.

Eau de Parfum . Natural spray

Weight: 70ml

Olfactory notes

Olfactory Dexcription

Litsea Cubeba, Musks, Hawthorn, Orange blossom, Lavender from Provence

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Rise at dawn, escape into the delicious freshness of an early morning in Paris and rediscover a taste for beauty. Petit Matin eau de parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian evokes a stroll along the streets and still-deserted arcades of a Paris in the first glimmers of daylight. The citrusy musky fragrance is carried by the luminous energy of litsea cubeba, orange blossom, the floral softness of lavandin from Provence, and hawthorn, before ultimately surrendering to a labyrinth of musky notes. Petit Matin is a bright, sparkling eau de parfum to help you dive into the excitement of the day ahead.

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