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Amyris femme
Natural spray, 35ml

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A floral, woody and luminous fragrance born from the flamboyant encounter between Amyris tree from Jamaica and rare Iris from Florence.

Weight: 35ml

Olfactory notes

Olfactory Dexcription

Pear, Sweet pea, Amyris, Lemon blossom, Iris

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Amyris femme Maison Francis Kurkdjian eau de parfum is a bright fragrance born of the union of the amyris from Jamaica and iris from Florence, an irresistibly attractive pairing with assertive natural elegance. This fruity feminine floral scent will catch you up in a joyful whirlwind, a flight of lemon tree flowers and sweet peas that inflame a musky amber chord. Let yourself be swept into this passionate and twirling dance.

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