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Aqua Vitae forte
Natural spray, 70ml

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Bursting with light and heat, Aqua Vitae forte embodies the power of life. This eau de parfum forges the invisible bond between the freshness of the nights to come and the heat of days gone by.

Its top notes radiate a sensation of freshness while a bright, floral and woody breeze floats indulgently throughout this scented dream.

Eau de Parfum . Natural spray

Weight: 70ml

Olfactory notes

Olfactory Description

Mandarin from Sicily, White Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Guaiac wood, Cinnamon from Ceylon, Cardamom, Orange blossom

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Saturated with light and heat, this Aqua Vitae forte Maison Francis Kurkdjian eau de parfum embodies the power of life. The floral scent creates an invisible bond between fresh nights to come and the warmth of days past. Fresh bergamot and lemon from Calabria elegantly blend with a trio of spices, a bright floral note and the heady whisper of woody scents. Aqua Vitae forte eau de parfum is a deeply sensual fragrant which rekindles the memory and intense emotion of two bodies joined as one.

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