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Graphik Goblets, Set of 6

Graphik Goblets, Set of 6

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With its contemporary shape, this water glass is a must-have accessory for a modern and sophisticated table. It is a bright idea for an elegant and useful gift. The crystal collection Graphik stands out through its modern and sleek design. The beauty of the hand-made and -carved crystal of this contemporary collection will enhance your table everyday.

Package: Set of 2

Technical Description
Code JDE 07945040
Principle Material
Collection Graphik
Height 9.8 cm
Cont 20 cl
Style Contemporary

When washing them, set your dishwasher to the glass/fragile program at a maximum of 40 °C without any detergent. Too high a temperature can produce a chemical reaction that tarnishes the crystal and gives it a milky appearance. Hand washing is preferred. Wipe immediately after washing with soft cloth

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