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Idole Cufflinks

Idole Cufflinks

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Idole de Christofle is a line of sterling silver jewelry and accessories from acclaimed designer Andrée Putman, who has worked on everything from film sets and airplanes to New York’s Morgans hotel and Louis Vuitton steamer trunks, with a recurring motif of ebullient rings. It includes this pair of sterling silver ring cufflinks.

Technical Description
Code JDE 06700811
Material Sterling Silver
Collection Idole de Christofle
Moment Birthday
Gift Target For Him
Style Eternel

All Christofle jewelry is Sterling Silver (92.5%). To preserve all its beauty, here are some simple guidelines: When you’re not wearing your jewelry, store it in its anti-tarnish box. To boost the shine of the jewelry you often wear, use one of Christofle’s specific treatment products.

For jewelry with a smooth surface: polishing gloves or a polishing cloth. And, for jewelry with links or decorated surfaces, use the Silver Flash anti-tarnish solution (avoid soaking clasps, which often have a steel part that could be damaged). Remember to rinse them with clean water.

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