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Madison 6 set of 2 Tea/Coffee Cup & Saucer

Madison 6 set of 2 Tea/Coffee Cup & Saucer

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A perfect gift for newlyweds, mothers and just about anyone who enjoys a hot cup of tea, the set of two Limoges porcelain teacups and saucers features the unique recurring hexagonal motif that the contemporary Madison 6 collection is noted for.

Technical Description
Code JDE 07682522
Principle Material Porcelain
Collection Madison 6
Capacity 0.2 liter
Occasion Tea Time
Style Graphique

Just take care with washing and storage. Gentle is the watchword: When washing, use a low-temperature cycle (eco cycle) and powder detergent. Be careful of porcelain with gold and silver decorations because they are not dishwasher and microwave safe.

When storing, slide a piece of fine paper between each plate or saucer and don’t stack too many pieces together.

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