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MOOD Precious 24pcs Pink Gold

MOOD Precious 24pcs Pink Gold

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This new version of MOOD PRECIOUS brings a rose gold touch to its coffee spoons. The sophisticated and contemporary combination of silver and pink gold makes MOOD Precious the perfect table adornment for brunch or a casual dinner. Set of 24 flatware: - 6 table forks - 6 table knifes - 6 table spoons - 6 coffee spoons Espresso spoons gilded with rose gold. Chest in mirror polished stainless steel copper colored. Interior disc in walnut wood. Inferior wedge in resin dishwasher suitable.

Technical Description
Code JDE 00065399
Principle Material Silver-Plated
Collection Mood
Moment of consumption
Date night
Height 30.0 cm
Diameter 20.0 cm
Moment of consumption Special occasions
Style Contemporary

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