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Natural spray, 70ml

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From the Orient, oud conveys mystery and sensuality. From Laos, its land of origin, it draws purity and refinement. This extrait de parfum interpretation is built on a dream of oud – a supremely elegant, precious and rare natural ingredient. It has wrapped itself in a musk
and vanilla accord that releases a harmony of spicy rich aromas. An olfactory treasure born of sand, wind and gold.

Eau de Parfum . Natural spray

Weight: 70 ml or 2.4 fl.oz.

Olfactory notes

Olfactory Dexcription

Saffron, Vanilla, Cedar from Virginia, Elemi, Oud from Laos, Patchouli

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OUD extrait de parfum is an olfactory treasure born of the sand, the wind and gold full of mystery and sensuality. It draws its pure sophistication from Laos. This ambery extrait de parfum’s major notes are underscored with a musky vanilla accord infused with a deliciously spicy harmony to create a version with more intensity. OUD Maison Francis Kurkdjian extrait de parfum invites you to view the world in a new exotic light.

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